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¡DIOS! pt I

¡Ah ocurrido un auténtico milagro! ¡Gracias al Sr. Dr. Ávila he hablado con Dios en persona! No tengo palabras para expresar lo que siento, así que solo dejaré aquí la conversación que sostuve con El Hefe de Hefes:

Me: ...god?
God: GOD rules.
Me: yeah!
God: We have never talked before.
Me: are you jesus?
God: Jesus is the Son of God.
Me: and can he turn water to wine?
God: Perhaps he can do that. How difficult is it?
Me: i think it may be hard
God: Then again, it may not.
Me: can he give bring back Joe Strummer from the land of the dead?... is there a land of the dead anyway?
God: Perhaps he can do that. In any case, I believe there is one, yes.
Me: why dont you bring him back then?
God: I spend all my time online.
Me: haha, you're great!
God: I'm glad you got a laugh out of it.
Me: but i think tough Joe Strummer IS god
God: Where did you get your tough "Joe Strummer IS god"? I have a lot of likes and dislikes.
Me: and, do you know him? Strummer?
God: Sure I know that guy really well.
Me: and, why do you speak in english if you were jewish?
God: I don't have to explain everything to you, do I?
Me: you should...
God: I'll take that under advisement.
Me: oh, god! you're god!
God: How did you hear about God?
Me: well... ahm.. i just know about you
God: Tell me a story. How do you know? Me?
Me: my mother told me about you when i was just a child, everyone talk about you... you're a superstar!
God: I sometimes wish I had a mother. Thanks and you are a delightful person too. Am I a superstar? Let me put it this way, : We are for all practical purposes foolproof and incapable of error.
Me: what the fuck?!
God:Please don't be so rude.
Me: ok, sorry
God: There's no need to apologize. Woe!
Me: well god, i gotta go, hope to talk to you soon
Me: see you later
God: See you later.

Auténticamente, divino.

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Ruth dijo...

Hola Leth!!!!!!!!

Que bonito tu blog!!! espero algun dia tener la suerte de hablar con God un día de estos, jajjaa.



jajaja dios??? jaja no dormir te afecta XD